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The European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability (EIIS) is:

an institute created with the aim of studying and exploring themes related to innovation and sustainability. In EIIS we are all moved by the same desire and we all share the same firm belief: it is time to innovate the topics we study and how we study them.

EIIS uses innovative formats and tools that promote learning through teamwork, "learn by doing" and practical exercises. In EIIS there are no professors and students, there are people. There are no things to memorize but things to discover.

Our educational model:

All our courses are based on CBL.                                                               Challenge-Based-Learning is a didactic tool that has an ambitious goal: to involve students and teachers in a real challenge and to produce, thanks to a practical approach and teamwork, a fun, fast and multidisciplinary learning. Empirical data show that the effectiveness of this tool is evident and the satisfaction from students and teachers is very high.

Teachers get rid of the burden of having to ensure that all students arrive at the same time and with the same learning path; in fact, in CBL the teacher prepares the context and skillfully makes sure that it is the challenge to involve and drag students on the journey towards knowledge.                                                     

Challenge-Based-Learning (CBL) is a didactic tool that, starting from a real problem, engages students and teachers in a compelling challenge that results in quick and fun learning.       

Our mission:

Awareness and attention to innovation and sustainability are the goals that every manager, student or entrepreneur should pursue today.

Our mission is to prepare managers, teachers and students to lead change rather than undergo it, to make people aware of how a different and more sustainable approach can have a huge impact on their life, on their business and on our planet. 

Being innovative and sustainable is a non-negotiable condition for staying in business.

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